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One of great compassion.

Help others without thought to one’s self.
Protective to a fault. Saver of life.
The guide of lost children helps them see the right way in life.
Magical in thought and actions.
This person shall have the understanding of Janiece, and shall do well.
It was the luck of Janiece that saved his life.
by higher thought January 07, 2012
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Janiece is like a crab, hard on the outside & soft on the inside. Her personality tends to attract people as she is loving & heartfelt. She will go out of her way to help others, to no benefit of her own . Just like a crab however, she can be hard headed & irritable when provoked. This should not take away from her amazing sense of humor & the smile that compliments it. If you’re lucky to meet Janiece either hold on to her or run the other way as she can be much to handle.

She’s also most likely googling her name.
Is that a Janiece laughing?!
by Restripsmile November 11, 2018
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Often mistaken as 'Janice'. Very stubborn. Can be born ugly. Very mischievous, and always landing herself in trouble. They normally have very high metabolisms, making them light-weight. She is annoying and mean. Do not cross paths with this sneaky girl. Keep distance.
"It's Janiece, not Janice"
by ButternutSquash13 April 09, 2017
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a fucking bully who live in new york, who love to make of fun of chinese kid.
Janiece told the chinese boy to go eat a dog
by chinese kiddz November 23, 2018
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