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Janesh is usually the sweetest, cutest yet sexiest boy alive in this entire universe. It is impossible to find someone else with such wonderful eyes and nose and lips. He has such an amazing personality and he is so full of good vibes that people feel blessed in his presence. He is so much fun to be around that he attracts all the ladies and even the men are drawn to his unfailable charm. He has such a big, generous heart and speaks with so much of kindness and compassion, not only with his friends but even with strangers and animals. He can even be intelligent, full of creativity and passionate about what he truly loves. Nowhere else in this universe does such beauty reside and it is impossible for someone not to fall in love with him at first sight.
Wow, I met a Janesh the other day and I couldn't breathe properly with the butterflies in my stomach and the fluttering of the heart that he ignited in me.
by loverboy1799 July 31, 2017
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