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A promising Youtuber who lives in Texas, USA. She never plans out her videos ahead of time which makes her fun, derpy personality shine through naturally. Janelle has a plush giraffe that makes an appearance in all of her videos named Taches McGee, which is why some of her fans call her Janelle McGee. She is best known for her Ultimate Compliment - 'I want to eat your face' which her fans have now adopted. Janelle's fans call themselves 'Janellets'.
'I want to eat your face.' -Janelle

'Hey, have you check out the latest Janelle Life video?'
by ~Janellet May 07, 2013
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An amazing girl from Texas who makes great Youtube videos with her amazing pet giraffe, Taches McGee. Her fans are amazing to her & they will take over the world one day! She expresses her love to her fans by "Wanting To Eat Their Face". She's very smart & understanding. She's very beautiful & has such a big heart towards everyone. She will defend the people she loves & has the most amazing determination towards her goals in life. She loves One Direction & plans to have a huge gathering with all her fans at a sleepover where they will all fangirl over them. She doesn't like Nutella & loves Smaug from the movie, "The Hobbit". Her pen-pal in Montana called dibs on the air-mattress.
"Hey did you see that girl walk by? She looks like Janelle Life, that girl who does amazing Youtube videos"
"I would love to eat your face" -Janelle Life
by Janellet<3 May 07, 2013
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