Someone who is gorgeous, talented, smart and funny
Boy: Wow, what a Jancis
by pipandpop5 February 6, 2012
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This person does not exist
John: "I think I saw Jancis..."
Josh: "You should take your meds."
by Jancis February 18, 2023
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A beautiful girl with a great personality. One of the best people you'll ever meet. She is sexy, smart, funny, and caring. Everyone wants to be around her all the time due to her great features.
John- "Are you going to see Tiffany tonight?"
Connor- "No man, I'm going to see Jancy. She's perfect.
by Paigeybaby August 18, 2011
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Jancie is the greatest person on Earth. She is the type of girl who is funny, sweet, and sometimes kinda crazy. She always will hold your hand on a roller coaster. She will always be there for you. Jancie is also the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She has a brother and a sister and a rich mother and father. She drives a Bentley and will never give up on trying to make you happy. She is the best person to get to know. She is also the most perfect gf ever!
Me: Do you see that girl over there?
Friend: Oh yeah that's Jancie.
Me: She's hot af. I think I'm gonna go ask her out.
by ESSKEETIT MASTER6969 May 8, 2019
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A Jancy is a "female best friend" of your current boyfriend. They will spend all of their time with him and will ultimately steal your boyfriend and possibly threaten your feminity as well.

A Jancy will either act super nice and normal around you or the exact opposite.

They are commonly found in rebound relationships. Though, your boyfriend may leave you for legit reasons the Jancy will always be your boyfriend's safety net which builds on her attraction factor over yours.
Kate: Damn girl! Your boyfriend moved on fast! Who's the new girl now?!
Diana: Ugh! Who cares what her name is! Jake wouldn't shut up about her when we were dating! Seriously, she's a total Jancy!

Tim: Hey! You wanna chill this weekend?
Jake: Nah, I'm chilling with my Jancy. We're going to the movies at 2!

Tim: In the morning? That's late. Watch out, bro. I don't know if your girl will like that.
Jake: Oh, she doesn't know.
by AprilxMayxJune October 16, 2009
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crazy little malu girl who talks with a very high squeaky voice. refer to caker.
stop being a damn jancy!
by Shequanda Lewis May 18, 2008
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GIRL: Jancy is so hot
GUY: That nigga fruity as fuck deadass
by nunyabizzbitchass September 9, 2019
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