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A prick who posted my girlfriends name in a dictionary who if i ever see i will kill and spend the next 21 years to life in prison for unless the definition is removed and i will be traveling to minnesota within the next week.
im not giving an example for it, im just gonna deliver the poor bastard to hell personally, ill even pay his way in, but theres no way in hell im letting him get away with this shit.
by Mikhail (Mike) July 30, 2004
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n. - One of a clan whose purpose are to be demigods of universal justice, virility, and American awesomeness.

n. - a living testimony to the grace of our God, who has blessed mere mortals to walk beside Jammastas.

n. - One of a clan whose sole purpose in life is to slay n00bs by the billions.

n. - One of the 11 corners of the earth.
A n00b was playing Counter-strike Source, when all of a sudden, BOOM HEADSHOT!, a Jammasta was there to pwn!
by Jammasta Blasta August 31, 2010
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