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Jamisen, usually a boys name meaning "son of James" Jamisen most times is a very cute guy with a weird smile. He usually likes brunettes. Most times he repels blondes. His favorite color usually blue or green.
Girl 1: See him over there?

Girl 2: Ya. What about him?

Girl 1: His smile is weird.

Girl 2: Now that you mention it... It is. But hes cute.

Girl 1: He must be a Jamisen.
by Kiwi_sexyeyes101 April 02, 2010
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Typically used as a both gender name and if a girl attracted to y’all guys, but she doesn’t know her worth. She will be a pretty, unathletic girl but is always very kind.
Q: Wow did you see Jamisen in the gym?
A: Yes, she was struggling but looking good at the same time.
by RampagePlayer15 June 28, 2019
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