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an Indonesian slang for the people who loves rock music so much, example: Dear God, Seize The Day. Usually, "jamet have a long hair, that can cover their faces.
People 1: Woi bro, liat tuh orang, tuh orang kek jamet KAOWKAOWKA, bajunya aja udah keliatan kek orang jamet, apalagi style rambutnya ituloh!! panjang sampe mukanya ketutup! ( Yo bro, look at that guy! He looks just like a jamet HAHAHAHA, his shirt looks the same like jamet, especially his hairstyle! so tall that it can cover his face!
People 2: Eh iya , bener juga lu! (You're right!)
by njir :vos December 20, 2018
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A west indian homosexual. A man who pierces both his ears and wears women clothing and talks in a high pitched voice. A jammet usually is oblivious to the fact that everyone is staring at him. Not because he is cool but because he is a jammet.
"Aye gyul why yuh brudda Dennis watchin' me so? He mus be a flickin' jamet."

kid: "hey bro my dad just got his other ear pierced"

kid2: "Bai yuh fada's ah flickin jamet or wah"
by RikkiJai March 11, 2008
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A man who wants to call a dog sir fluffalot and calls his budgie weapon x
alan jamets budgie is called weapon x
by quicksilver February 11, 2004
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