His name is james cameron the greatest pioneer, no ocean too deep no budget too steep. Look there what's that it's james cameron x2
by the lord thine savior January 19, 2015
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James cameron is an award winning Canadian film director, producer, screenwriter, editor, and inventor. His writing and directing works include The Terminator (1984), Aliens (1986), The Abyss (1989) Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), True Lies (1994), Titanic (1997), and Avatar (2009). To date, his directorial efforts have grossed approximately $1.5 billion in North America and to $3.68 billion worldwide. His major invention is that of the 3D camera tech used in the film avatar.
James Cameron is famous for his sci-fi thrillers and titanic, but has also done many documentaries.
by gooseman2009 January 5, 2010
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James Cameron is a high functioning psychopath who nails every criteria set forth on the Hare psychopathy checklist. His grandiose opinion of self and contemptuous distain for people he views as below him has made life miserable for those who have ever worked for him or lived with him.

Like all psychopaths, Cameron views people not as human beings to be valued and respected, but rather as disposable pawns to be abused and manipulated into satisfying his own wants and needs. He presents himself as a champion of post modern feminism yet has never had enough respect for women to honor his wedding vows; having cheated on every single one of his wives. Impulsive sexual behavior is another symptom of psychopathy. Unless you’re a bitter, ripped, humorless butch, you’re not a real woman to Cameron anyway. He blatantly steals from other writers and artists without providing credit or recognition. Both The Terminator and Avatar are stolen properties (look it up). You see, to an anti-social narcissist like Cameron, his brilliance so far surpasses that of other artists, he feels he owes them nothing. What do you say about a liberal who has so little regard for worker’s rights that he accuses his crew of not caring about the movie they’re working on simply because they took a standard, company authorized work break every day. All you can do is state the obvious. As Bobby Fischer, Mike Tyson and James Cameron show, sometimes great talent is given to horrible people.
I’m James Cameron, and I’m too busy admiring myself to waste time being a decent human being.
by Dupaspock Johnson October 22, 2022
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The selfish man who hogged the word Avatar for himself and doesn't let Avatar: The Legend of Korra keep Avatar in its title.

Because of him, M.Night Shyamalan was forced to leave Avatar out of the title of The Last Airbender. And sometimes people don't say Avatar when talking about the Aang's series, but say "The Last Airbender" like because of James Cameron's copyright crap.

The movie he did use the title for doesn't even fit the word "Avatar" and the movie should really be called Pandora the planet of Explorers; after all there's enough blue monkeys on the planet to help, lol.
I hate how James Cameron hogged the word Avatar for himself. It's not right that he shows no consideration for another series, and forces Korra to drop Avatar from the title. How could James Cameron hog the word Avatar when it's a word that's been around for generations and AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER CAME FIRST!!!!
by Danny Duignan on Facebook March 28, 2012
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to make a vast majority of people believe that you are far more creative than you are in reality; to trick people into thinking that your "art" is just that, a work of art and not some piece of shit with no substance.
"wow man, i really james-cameroned it on that last project we had. for some reason the teacher found my poem about horse shit totally deep and beautiful."
by p.s. kelly January 21, 2010
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an award winning writer and director. his movies include aliens, titanic, true lies, terminator 2, and avatar.
James Cameron only does the best movies!
by gooseman2009 January 4, 2010
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The ugliest fucker in the world, only usable in Vietnam, because thats where this ugly fucker is. He also gets no bitches and has the tiniest penis
Cameron James Hawke is a faggot as bitch with a tiny dick.
by Nigeria556 April 19, 2020
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