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Jaliyah is a very beautiful girl she is amazing and sometimes mean and sassy and bossy but also is love and caring to her friends if you have Jaliyah as a bestfriend hold on to her cause she is always there for you through tough times she is a amazing bestfriend when you first meet her she may be shy and quiet but when you know her for a long time she’s outgoing and loud and crazy Jaliyah is a weird person funny sometimes nice and beautiful and MEAN you do not want to mess with her cause when you do she will become a bitch Jaliyah is popular and doesn’t care what people say if you have Jaliyah as a girlfriend keep a hold on her cause she’ll be there for you she may be shy but just be there for her and help her through stuff cause Jaliyah will
Jaliyah is so mean sometimes but she nice
by Anna-ass March 03, 2019
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Jaliyah is normally the average height pretty beautiful eyes love music doesnt care what ppl say about her. Long curlly hair
Jaliyah is so pretty
by Liyahj March 14, 2017
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Jaliyah is normally tall with dark curly hair and dark eyes. She is beautiful inside and out, she finds opening up to people difficult but once she does you never want to leave her side. She's the best friend you could ever ask for. She's normally very shy and quiet when you first meet her but once you become friends she's a completely different person, she's very talented in music and sings amazing, her favorite colors are normally black,blue, and purple. As for love life goes she is very independent and doesn't like guys easily and doesn't think she needs one but once she does she thinks twice about not needing a guy. all in all she's an amazing person.
person 1: hey is that jaliyah?
person 2: yupp she's my best friend (:
by SceneQueen143 August 21, 2011
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She’s pretty doesn’t care what anybody says can cut people off real quick doesn’t deal with any fake people .she doesn’t worry about boys
Is that’ Jaliyah she sexy 😍
by Card in June 07, 2018
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is short loud and crazy ,if jaliyah is your girlfriend she requires alo of attention and love Jaliyah is very weird person but people love it ,you either hate her or you love her ,if you hate her its probably your fault ,shes very beautiful and everyone is attracted to her looks, she loves harder then most and has a huge heart,sometimes over thinks things ,but trains her mind and heart not to care,if you find yourself a jaliyah keep her.she loves food so much that shes always hungry and will cry if shes not getting food
by poodielue April 05, 2019
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Jaliyah is usually fun-sized, and outspoken. Jaliyah sometimes hurt feelings but comes out as a honest person. Everybody wants her no matter the gender. Some know her as a player or pimp. She usually is a calm girl who bothers no one. She is anti-social but she honestly don't try to be. She's beautiful inside and out. Once she is in a relationship she's commuted to that one person. Usually you won't catch a Jaliyah cheating or being whoerish. She a very trust worthy person.
Person 1: she sexy af her name must be Jaliyah

Person 2: you already know
by I'mherenowyall April 15, 2015
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