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A male human with impeccable style and irresistible charm. Typically most Jakobe's are self sufficient, successful and posses a undeniable sense of humor.

In the wild, a Jakobe can be found surrounded by young attractive human females.

Although shy and reclusive at times, the Jakobe easily becomes center of attention. Experts have attributed this to the Jakobe releasing a natural pheromone that encourages females to be receptive and males to become relaxed.

This allows the Jakobe to overtake almost any social or professional environment easily.
That Jakobe is an awesome guy, I wish he was my dad, brother, best friend, lover or boss.
by J. Tiberious Kirk September 13, 2011
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Usually haves big dicks and leaves girls num
Great sense of humor , well dress

Found to be the center of attention
Jakobe is so finee
by World Geography December 21, 2016
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a male, who is unable to spell words, never knows when he's wrong or right, says rude things to people he doesn't even know. Very iggnorant.
"That jakobe is a jerk"
by corona pacifica February 08, 2010
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A Guy That is sweet to your face and then turns around and start talking Shit. Most likely a player but won't admit it, can be nice and a gentlemen. Awkward and Cocky. Were's the same clothes over and over again. Lives for being the center of attention, especially if that attention is from girls. Know for have a hard and rough past but gets through it.
Have you see jakobe he cheated on cora, but he seems like such a nice guy.
by Cxurtnhoox July 28, 2018
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A terrible person. Most likely a psychopath, and will probably ruin your life. Jakobes tend to be very aggressive and have severe anger issues, and no redeeming qualities. Jakobes are AWFUL people, and are likely to be the perpetrator in sexual harassment and assault situations, as they only care about themselves and take whatever they want, regardless of the clear “No”s and “Please stop”s. They’re terrifying as well, and will do what they can to try and make you scared of them. They’ll threaten you, and cuss you, and try as hard as they possibly can to make you regret speaking up for something THEY did. Jakobe’s dont deserve anything good in life, because they most likely ruined someone elses life already.
Have you heard of Jakobe S*****?

The rapist psychopath with really bad anger problems? Yeah, he should be in prison.
by Imjusttellingmytruth November 15, 2018
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Jakobe is a low down annoying ass nigga that has an irresistible good luck charm, that can make almost everybody like his little ugly mutant ass, has a great since of humor and knows how to make a bad thing great again, he can’t be serious at times but he knows not how to be serious, he loves love and if anybody can match his vibe, he’ll match yours..... he’s a bitch ass nigga that’s not scared of trying new things and won’t shy away from anybody or anything, he’s says fuck haters and they can go eat his ass hole and he’s a pussy ass virgin
Jakobe wishes he can eat pussy
by @LKI_03 April 15, 2019
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The most intelligent and amusing homo sapien ever. Everything they say will make you smile. They have gorgeous eyes and have mastered the hair flip. They are also incredibly sexy as hell and extremely educated in memes. They enjoy sherbet ice cream.
I love being in the presence of Jakobe!
by backup_account April 13, 2019
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