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Origin, Jakim: a hebrew name that means the destroyer of evil and protector of peace.
Derived from this we get the name Jahkim combining the two words;
Jah;god and Kim

A very educated man who seems to never get old. He will make a great friend and tries to help whenever he can. He is said to be very supportive and welcoming to new ideas. Although attentive and respectful at most he can be inpatient in someone if he feels that they aren't getting his message. In any situation in public or personal life he tries his best to be helpful even if he's not doing a good job. He can be easily misunderstood to have a short fuse but don't trouble him and he will be fine with you.
Oh what a Jahkim move, cleaning the whole house

Calm down don't be a Jahkim
by Dictionary.guy January 09, 2018
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An asshole who uses girls and doesn't give a shit about them. He pretty much bones everyday and uses the sayin hoes before bros .
Who is that guy ? Oh he is def a Jahkim .
by Youngthugganster August 17, 2016
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