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A hebrew name found in the bible in the book of Ezra. Through translations it has 3 meanings
The unity of God
The sharpness of God
The revenge of God

Most people named Jahdiel are in fact NOT Hebrew. Their parents thought it would be cool to give their child a slick bible name. Most Jahdiel's are suave, possibly hispanic or black, well endowed players with a soft side.

Sometimes females are named Jahdiel, unfortunately for them they are not well endowed like their male counterparts.
I think I will name my child Jahdiel, fuck he'll be awesome.
by bonafidejil June 16, 2009
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A blick monster blob who wanks with chicken grease and fingers his mum with a hotdog
by Tyroadfan69 January 15, 2019
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Is a cool person with lots of energy but there energy given is based off of energy in the surrounding environment jahdiel is usually tall and attractive and also has smooth ways with the ladies, usually a jack of all trades.

Unfortunately some females are named jahdiel and are not as well endowed as there male counterparts.
Do you know jahdiel he’s so awesome
by Niggaz’n’bitches September 02, 2019
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