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Seriously one of the most amazing guys ever. He’s smart, attractive, and extremely talented. He’s very selective about his friends but if you’re apart of his circle it means he trusts and loves you and is willing to go any distance for you. He’s strong physically, mentally, and emotionally. Get you at Jahari, he’ll make a great friend, husband, and example.
I went on a date with Jahari, he’s amazing!

I need myself some Jahari
by Publicus July 31, 2018
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Jahari dodd. he is a celebrity. he is royalty. he is beautiful.
"i want to be seen with jahari"
"yes, he is truly royalty"
by ilovejahari January 16, 2010
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Someone who when you first meet comes off as a cool dude. The longer you know them, the more you realize they are a total doushebag. They may have their funny moments, but in the end they ruin the moment and can be a total cock block. Girls may fall for him, only to get their hearts broken. He has a way about him that draws people in but then throws them out.
what a d-bag, hes such a Jahari
by GatorsGat November 29, 2010
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Mostly Darkskin He stay with a new bitch every week He like calling girls bitches and he Heartless
Jahari stay with a new girl
by John Morgan June 03, 2018
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