Thorny bushes in the Pittsburgh area.
I'm not chasin that buck into those jaggers.
by roy December 01, 2004
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Top Definition
The cool. Anything totaly amazing.
That chick last night was so frickin jagger... Did u see her ass?

My friend can do the most jagger moves on a skatebored.
by JD February 26, 2005
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Jagger is a sweet, kind loving guy who plays hockey and could get any girl he wants. He is a fun guy to hang out with and he is nice to everyone.
Person 1: Jagger is so cool, hes really nice too.
Person 2: I wish I had a friend like him.
by Sumyunggai March 13, 2013
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Psychotic Demi god that you should not get on bad side, he/she will mess you up big time
Daaamn girl you'd better not mess with jagger
by DaBomba March 11, 2015
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adj. - something that is harmful, dangerous or risky.
Example 1:

Victoria: "Do you think I could do some hardcore parkour from this building's ledge to the next?"

Peyton: "Naww, that's too jaggers."

Example 2:

Unsafe sex is Jaggers.
by jaggerstothemax September 04, 2012
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A complete dick. The one who tries his hardest to be with the "cool kids". The one who always has to get his way, and always has to have the better stuff. A jagger will most likely try to be funny, but man when you make fun of him... he gets pissed.
Me: "He is such a jagger"

Kyle: "I know right! He left me in middle school to hang out with the cool kids!"

Me: "Unbelievable..."

Kyle: "Not only that but I got a hundred dollar bike and he went out and got a three hundred dollar bike!"

Me: "Wow."
by Big D. Joe May 10, 2015
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a thorn or pricker from a plant or flower(rose). originated in Pittsburgh from the Pittsburghese language.
Em jaggers ripped my shirt, god dammit, i hate flowers and hippies and the Patriots.
by donnie iris November 05, 2003
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