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A tall, fair, cute punjabi, very passionate, loves to dance, and is very out going. Has a strong sense of right and wrong. Sometimes becomes emotional. likes to take care of people, and doesnt hesitate to help in times of need. Overall awesome guy. also very stubborn
person 1: He's such a jerk!

person 2: too bad he's not a jagdeep
by 2193 August 18, 2011
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the hottest indian chick alive; used to describe an exotic princess; sexiest mama
Did he get himself a jagdeep
by Desi flava February 06, 2010
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Jagdeep(verb)- To screw up BIG TIME.
-To fall in deep shit.
- Being in big trouble.
-To Fail
This word comes from the word "Jag" meaning to mess up, and "deep" as in far into something.
Person # 1 - "Dude, I totally got an F on that Geometry test!"

#2- "What did you get? A 50%?"

#1- "No! A 10%!"

#2 - "You jagdeeped this time!"
by Nino E December 09, 2007
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means a BIG ASS jerk. It also means being a prick. The person with this name has anger problems,lack of respect,talk too much and then put the bame on to some next person. always want to be the centre of attraction,if they are unable to be that they become rude and abusive. always have nymphomaniacs as girlfriends.

can be occasionally lovable and cuddly,and caring to an etent where you could almost forget their bad qualities.

they generally call themselves playas, but almost never are and stay true to their nymphomaniacs.
hi my name is jagdeep, and i am playa, look at me,look look look!!!!
by nicky March 03, 2005
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