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Jaekel is a annoying ass person . Buh has a great personality he’s weird asf . He can dress Nd he’s spoiled and his head is big asf he’s fines buh don’t know how to stay in a relationship foh Shii buh he cool ash . He’s dumb he’s a freak or wateva buh Yeah. He has a lot of bodies Nd he stays on dha game 25/8 buh he talk about his girl a lot he’s mean Nd he talk a bunch of Shii he can fight doe buh yeah he don’t fuck w/ a bunch of niggahs he’s funny ,Nd he’ll jinx tf outta of yu!!hes popular . Nd he likes to flirt w/ other people buh we ain’t gone speak on dat buh yeah his personality cool asf he’s nice to be around . He likes to eat buh skinny asf!! He like slap boxing his friends.... we’re not goin to speak on dat buh yeah hes cool asf!😌
Hay you see Jaekel outfit!
by Jaekel January 04, 2020
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