Bitch ass nigha who gets no bitches and loves to talk shit
Your acting like such a Jad
by Moe319 March 14, 2017
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Def 1: a complete knobhead
Def 2: a complete gorm (someone with no common sense)
Def 3: people that like pianapple on pizza
Guy: what pizza do you want

His bredrin: I want that Hawaiian ting my g

Guy: don’t that have pianapples on it

His bredrin: yh fam
by Tinkawithabigwilly August 28, 2018
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An absolute loser who thinks he can beat anyone in a fight. Jads think they can beat anyone and if you encounter one cut off all ties immediately.
Jad thinks he can fight everyone because he is a jad
by orangejuice21314 May 10, 2021
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JAD is an acronym for JUICY ASIAN DICK.
Man, Brad has a nice JAD. I know Whitney, I wish Will had a nice JAD.

Daddy has a nice JAD.
by BradsJadStan December 19, 2021
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Common Name. Meaning Pure and Rich.

Jad is a patient yet powerful.
Jad is hard working, dedicated, and kind to his fellow comrades.
Don't worry Jad's here.
by Setbackgong33 November 23, 2021
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A boy that usually make spelling mistakes that triggers people named Anna.
A boy that usually doesn’t generally like women for one reason or the other that cannot be explained even with today’s amazing Technology.
👨 ❤️ 👨 Jad
by Not Anna April 19, 2021
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Word used to designate a man who got into his university program by faking references and lying during his interview. Usually known for being very proud of his double Arabic nationalities, will often be heard saying I hate victims but plays the card better than Yugi plays the first YuGiOh format (and Yugi could flex cards into existence).

Also used to designate the literal incarnation of the word libtard since he always believes that being liberal minded gives him a moral high ground but actually uses it as a way to justify his strange kink involving smelling and liking sweat.
Guy 1: yesterday I was at a party and this strange dude got into an argument about how all Chinese people have birth defects because their lack of diversity and how people were attracted to the sweat of people having an origin different than theirs ...
Guy 2: this creep is such a Jad.
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