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The Jacobin Club was the most famous political club of the French Revolution. So called from the Dominican convent, where they originally met, in the Rue St. Jacques, Paris. At that time, the term was popularly applied to all supporters of revolutionary opinions. In contemporary France it refers to the concept of a centralized Republic, with power concentrated in the national government, at the expense of local or regional governments.
The Jacobins sure were a rowdy bunch, always wanting to have a revolution and FUCK WOMEN.
by gangbangorangutang July 26, 2012
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Member of an extremist republican club of the French Revolution founded in Versailles 1789. Helped by Danton’s speeches, they proclaimed the French republic, had the king executed, and overthrew the moderate Girondins 1792–93. Through the Committee of Public Safety, they began the Reign of Terror, led by Robespierre. After his execution in 1794, the club was abandoned and the name ‘Jacobin’ passed into general use for any left-wing extremist.
Jacobin Jim will have your head if you don't acknowledge the Sumpreme Being.
by Sam Lowrey November 29, 2004
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