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A pretty girl, usually has a good sense of humor and a loud laugh, brown hair, classy but can have a lot of fun, jaclynn's are good friends but will take her friends crushes, she is also sporty and really confident in herself, likes to party, has a nice body, VERY curvy in the front and back,
Is tht a jaclynn ?
ya she is wit her bffs crush
by jade.brit June 21, 2011
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Only the most incredible, amazing, awesome, fascinating, marvelous, prodigious, shocking, stunning, surprising, unbelievable, wonderful, glorious, extraordinary, and awe-inspiring person in the world. Known for her extreme motivation to offer Better Health to all. She focuses on the psychology of physical activity. She is the greatest inspirational person of all time and has the largest heart made of the finest of rubies.
In her spare time she loves working out, reading, coming up with the smartest ideas for the Earth, being silly, and most of all smiling.

Her laugh practically goes hand in hand with her voice for being the sweetest sound on the planet. She offers more love then what she receives and she is very considerate and sincere. A true miracle worker!
Garth: "I Love you.. Will you marry me?"
Jaclynn: *Starts tearing and gasping* "Yes. Yes! I will marry you!"
by CodenameEverett June 15, 2011
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The most amazing person you will ever meet. Has the most amazing smile and great at conversation. Nice and curvy body often noticed as sexy but doesn't know it. Doesn't take any shit but a person that has a good side that you would want to always be on. If you encounter a Jaclynn don't let her leave your life she is an amazing friend and kind of sporty. Jaclynn is always happy and very popular.Always take care of a Jaclynn if you like her stay by her side even if she doesn't like you. Jaclynns are open about everything and accepts people the way they are. She would be great to go out with and always entertaining
Guy1: what's happening with and Jaclynn? Still in the friend zone?
Guy2: Nah we just started going out and I think I love her
Guy1: bullshit you know she doesn't like you
Guy2: yeah I know I'm just kidding you think I can get her ?
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by Otto.von.bismark August 22, 2016
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