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The most often commonly used nickname for the city of Jackson, MS. The city of jackson still possesses what the city of atlanta no longer has,and that is the ability to mix small town hospitality with city life. The majority of people in the city were actually born their.Home to one of the best HBCU's Jackson State University. Jackson is definitely seperated by social classes and it is one of the few places in the u.s where living downtown is frowned upon. If you are wealthy you live in the adjoining suburbs. The inner city does have it's nice parts but they are only on the northside. 78% of the citizens are black and the rest are white, they may be another 3% missing in the equation of a race that does'nt matter. North Jackson is where most of the people that work for the city and the state live. The nicest neighborhoods are, Barrington Woods, Woodhaven, Natchez Trace Estates, Valley North, and neigborhoods adjoing to ridgewood rd. The hood areas of jackson are: Virden Addition,Washington Addition,Ghostown, Stadium Side, Presidential Hills, Shady Oaks,Georgetown, The Queens,Brown Bottom,The Sub,and The North Inn. if your family is well off and your kids go to public schools they go to Murrah High and they are in Apac recieving 5.0 gpa's,or they attend Calloway which consist of nothing but Snooty ass black kids that are all offspring of politicians, lawyers, doctors, and Entrepreneurs. The Suburbs are Clinton which is an annexation of west jackson(where trashy whites that can't do better and 3 asian people that do nails in the ghetto reside),Madison(This is where people who think they have reached the pinnacle of success live in homes that are'nt below 500,000 that they have built from the ground up live)Brandon(a fake madison but with racist whites),Ridgeland(better than madison but is seemingly losing its touch they have the best shopping not to mention the Reservoir where people ride their jet ski's into their backyard),Byram (annexation of south Jackson undercover ghetto), And Terry(it's like Madison with very ritzy homes and luxury vehicles sitting in the front yard and completely full of black people). Residents of this fine city are well known for their Crunk Night clubs, Shapely Women, Being die-hard southern Baptist, Southern hospitality , and their great cooking, because unlike Rap Artist Ludacris states in the song "georgia", Mississippi is the home of neckbones and collard greens. The residents of the city are much more progressive than people know when it comes to education, street smarts, and fashion. This is also the home of the ratchiest of the ratchet , people are straight hood bound in the project areas, last contrary to popular belief people in the city don't experience racism until they move to other cities. If you want to experience true southerners come to Jacktown
It's goin down in Jacktown tonight.
by Chris Terrell September 24, 2007
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"It’s been another one of those weeks the media love in Jacktown..."

Jackson Free Press, Feb. 9, 2005
by Miss Mississippi February 12, 2005
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