American music group from Gary Indiana that emerged onto the pop scene in late 1969. They scored 4 early number ones and were considered the top musical act of 1970. They went on to have a successful career at Motown until they switched to the Epic Records label under their new name, The Jacksons, in 1976.
The Jackson 5's music will never get old. How did the young Jacksons know how to sing that well?
by J5 Admirer March 29, 2005
when a male or female has not shaved there genitals for a long period of time and their pubic hair resembles and afro from the members of the Jackson 5
G1: you see Claire she's got a Jackson 5 down there
by liljonjonisreal November 1, 2018
$100 in 20 dollar bills. Since Andrew Jackson is on the face of a 20 dollar bill and it takes 5-20 dollar bills to make 100 then it is a Jackson 5.
by Hunter Robertson April 16, 2007
The mundane act of counting, or going through the alphabet from start to finish in order to achieve an everyday task. The term was coined from the song lyrics to the Jackson 5 song 'ABC'. Also known as 'Jackson 5'ing It'.
"I don't want to be Jackson 5'ing It until I get to the end of the alphabet."

"Don't make me 'Jackson 5 It' from 1 to 100."
by arkanis50 January 2, 2008
gorgeous girls at wellesley high school.
they are very prude and everyone would do anything to date 1 of them.

consists of: The twins (Lauren and Nicole), Skinny bitch (Marina), Marge (Margaret), Titties (Rachel)
by yourmotherisawhore December 12, 2004
It means I'm about to slap the shit out ya.

Coined by Black Dynamite
If you don't shut up I'm going Jackson 5 across the eyes.

I told that girl to sit on my face and she went Jackson 5 across my eyes.
by Mad Malc October 11, 2015