The famous invincible brigate of Edward Kenway the pirate assassin from AC Black Flag.Despite being medium sized brig when ungraded it can destroy from schooners to legendary Man'o'Wars.
Spanish and British fleet: We have an army.
Me: I have a jackdaw.
by Arkansoul February 21, 2017
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A mythical creature, often used as a dismissive response so as not to reveal ignorance
Student: What's the answer to 1 across?

Teacher: Jackdaw
by Sexymatron79 June 11, 2013
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Anybody who reads and enjoys Jacqueline Wilson books.
That dude is, like, such a Jackdaw... look at him reading his lil' "Double Act", the loser!
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The creation of multiple social media accounts with the distinct purpose of using them to manipulate the visibility of ones own content.
Did you guys hear about that guy who got shadowbanned for jackdawing?
by Divides_By_Zer0 August 13, 2014
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Contributing to a lively and/or worthwhile discussion while simultaneously manipulating how one's responses to said discussion are perceived
Corrine and I were arguing about whether cocaine is better than heroin, but heroin is obviously better so every time she tried to make a point I started jackdawing and threw bags of heroin into the air then made a loud fart sound with my hand in my armpit.
by ZadocPaet August 12, 2014
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The amalgamation of two power couples destined to sail a ship with their excellent sailing maneuvers. Their exploration into each others worlds has left the crew in dismay. Their ability to overcome obstacles, work around unanticipated complexities, telepathically agreeing and understanding each other's needs, are just some of the qualities they possess. Jack and Daw are God's love and the first blush of young love.
Jackdaw enjoy reading to children. A fun and kind couple who are able to make the most boring activity interesting and constructive. They're loved by everyone and they both have great taste in music.
by Pagan God-Satyr March 03, 2018
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