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Jack Ryan is the protagonist from the game BioShock. He is the illegitimate son of Andrew Ryan and Jasmine Jolene. His father made the underwater city of Rapture. His mother was a stripper and prostitute. He was sold to the businesses man Frank Fontaine when he was an embryo. He was experimented on as a child by Brigid Tenebaum and Yi Suchong,making him grow up faster than a usual human. He is technically four years old in BioShock. Throughout the game,he must use "plasmids",a gene altering chemical that makes the user have super powers. He also can save little sisters from the Big Daddies or harvest them. He wears a badass sweater and has chain tattoos on his wrist,along with a sexy voice.
Person 1: Dude,Alex Mason from call of duty is awesome!
Person 2: Dude,Jack Ryan from BioShock can kick his ass without trying
by Deuce9Lives November 11, 2014
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