jack is loud and will act stupid a lot of the time he doesn't listen and just messes around and can be an asshole
by broken bakugo March 06, 2019
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Crazy mofo who will rek ur life...in a good way. Everyone talks about him but he doesn't realize it, is the hottest guy at ur school. Probably played minecraft as a kid. Is definitely the craziest person in ur squad and will beat anyone at physical combat.

Can do as many backflips in a row as you tell him to do before losing consciousness. Will attempt any challenge without question.

Will be the first to submit to any form of authority, and will most likely become a killing slave...prepare for the apocalypse.
A: "Hey, would you mind taking my pic? I gotta go backflip off that cliff."

B: "Yeah, sure dude. Ur such a Jack."
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A name that is very stupid and weird, A name hinting a lot of puns involving him "Jacking Off"!
"Hey, Chris!" "Hey Reece Just Playing With Jack 'ing Off' " and laugh!
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by Rekyt November 14, 2017
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A Jack is a small neckbeard incel that expects the world to be on his side and everyone to be friends with him. It can also be used for a guy who faps to curry.
Calling someone a Jack is a very bad insult and should never be said unless you want to mentally destroy your opponent. If someone is called Jack then that doesn't mean that they are a Jack.

Person A: Hey your a Jack!
Person B: Hey shut up you asshole speak for yourself you curry fetishist.
Person A: Okay you got me. We are even.
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by FurryOtaku69 November 11, 2019
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he's the best and his english teacher is terrible and should rot in hell and i'm not even exaggerating she's the biggest bitch ever, but jacks pretty cool though.
john: have you seen Jack's english teacher?
jake: yeah, shes a bitch
by afdfsdfsdhjhkhkdfhkdfhkkhkdhk November 14, 2019
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Jack is a kind boy and is also very smart. He likes to play various sports even though he's a little on the short side. A lot, and I mean a lot of girls like him since he is the way he is. He's sweet, just don't get too attached.
Jeez, way too many girl like Jack.
by Jin_Lover_And_You_Know_It October 28, 2019
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