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A Jack Tard idiot is a cross between a Jack Ass and Tard. Jack tards are not responsible for their actions, although they should be. Usually mucking up things for the rest of society.
That Jack Tard took up two spaces in a car lot. Jack tards write checks in an express lane. Also, Jack tards don't know the difference between merging and yielding on a highway.
by Honchiejoe January 30, 2007
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a portmanteau of jackass and retard that is also used to insult people
hilarity often insues
that jacktard sold his car for the gas money
by PlayDohMan June 08, 2006
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You jacktard you really dont know what your doing do you?
by Boogyman August 21, 2003
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When you are such a dumb ass that calling you a jackass or a tard isn't enough.
Yo that dude is the biggest jacktard I have ever seen.
by Doug LPD August 16, 2006
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