A jack ryan is by far the most sexist and handsomest person on this planet and every one wants to fuck him
Hey is that jack ryan

Yer I think it is I want to fuck him
by Yeet peter May 17, 2020
Jack Ryan is the protagonist from the game BioShock. He is the illegitimate son of Andrew Ryan and Jasmine Jolene. His father made the underwater city of Rapture. His mother was a stripper and prostitute. He was sold to the businesses man Frank Fontaine when he was an embryo. He was experimented on as a child by Brigid Tenebaum and Yi Suchong,making him grow up faster than a usual human. He is technically four years old in BioShock. Throughout the game,he must use "plasmids",a gene altering chemical that makes the user have super powers. He also can save little sisters from the Big Daddies or harvest them. He wears a badass sweater and has chain tattoos on his wrist,along with a sexy voice.
Person 1: Dude,Alex Mason from call of duty is awesome!
Person 2: Dude,Jack Ryan from BioShock can kick his ass without trying
by Deuce9Lives November 12, 2014
Jack Ryan is the ultimate 2 stroke man no one can stop him and his 2 stroke passion he will never ride one of the gay 4 strokes and if he does it will be the last thing he rides , Jack is truly a meme in the flesh and he hates libtard
Mix that 2 stroke gas Jack Ryan
by Robbybobby420 October 28, 2019
Jack Ryan is a former GOP Senate candidate for the State of Illinois against Barack Obama. He withdrew from the race after his unsealed divorce papers with actress Jeri Ryan alleged that he took her to sex clubs and asked her to engage in sexual activity in front of other patrons.

Jack brags all the time about coming from Harvard, being rich, being a genius, having a mansion in Malibu, and being friends with influential politicians yet all of his businesses have closed doors and he associates himself with convicted felons.
Sam: That politician messed up real bad being caught at a brothel.

Tom: Yeah, he pulled a Jack Ryan.
by barackryan July 18, 2022