The retarded kid who always does the most stupid things and never learns his lesson. He will jump out of a window and break his leg and say “wow, that was fun”. He is the guy who runs out on a football field naked, he will talk back at a teacher with no remorse, and he will always be this way even when he is in his 40’s he will still be the most immature man you know.
Don’t be such a jack Martin, your gonna get yourself killed.
by Doritokale November 8, 2017
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The most amazing guy in the world. Whenever he gives you "the look", the flood gates open wide. He'll read you bedtime stories and cry himself to sleep. He has a schlong equivalent to the size of a sweet gherkin, and isn't afraid to show it off to all the ladies. He's excellent at making commitments, if they involve emotional torture and eternal condemnation. His opinion is always correct, and he won't stop making senseless noise until you agree with him. He's beautiful. He's perfect. He's a duck.
Gee whiz, Mom. Now that you're single I recon you should abduct that Jack Martin fellow. He's quite the catch!
by Hork; ham pork June 21, 2017
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A term often used for someone whom possesis a extreme amount of Schmegma
That lad over there he’s a full on schmegtastic jack Martin
by TheDogFondller May 29, 2020
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The worlds best blox fruit player, gg ez
"im nothing in comparison to Jack Martin"
by JJXZMB May 25, 2023
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