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This is someone who’s very very important to the people around them. Although they may not see it themself they are a good looking, amazing, caring, funny person who deserves the world. They’re the kind of person to help you even if they’re not doing great themself. You’re a lucky person if you get a Jac on a cob as a best mate. You should look after them and make them happy. Show them that they’re loved and cared for as sometimes they fail to see that for themself. Remind them not to let others bring them down because people who don’t treat them with respect aren’t worth changing themself over. Although usually they’re one of the best people to Go to for help or to cheer you up, sometimes they need cheering up too. Don’t become dependent on them as they might need help too. It’s ok to be sad, reassure them that you’re here for them. Overall jac on the cobs are honestly one of the best kind of people. You need to help them realise that. They’re never ugly. They’re never selfish. They’re never useless. They’re never unworthy of being loved and cared about. they’re amazing people.
Jac on the cob
by BethAnIceCube May 22, 2018
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