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a person that is a goat at everything they do , & will be great in life !
by kraftykidd29 February 20, 2017
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He’s fine and cute, Jamarian is also super intelligent, People love being around a Him He’s A Fantastic Dude and will do anything for the ones he love, Don’t get On a Jamarian’s Bad Side because his fighting skills will play a role, he is one of the best boyfriends to have so ladies find you a Jamarian he’s also good in bed and has a Huge penis, jamarian can be loyal and a player mostly loyal at some points. Jamarian will always keep his word.
Jamarian is a very nice and mean guy.
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by HonestBear124 August 12, 2018
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Handsome black male, strong physique & large head. Usually an asshole but avoids confrontation.
That guy talks a lot of noise but never accepts the consequences, he's such a Jamarian.
by LooseyLou December 20, 2016
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