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The Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) was conceived and developed in the 1990’s and eventually designated as THE Department of Defense (DoD) System of Record for DoD personnel and entities to record clearance eligibility determinations and access to classified information, up to and including Top Secret. Scattered Castles is a database used by the Intelligence Community (IC) to record eligibility and accesses to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) and other caveated programs. These databases are distinctly different in many ways and are not connected. It is essential for security personnel to know the differences and very valuable for candidates to understand them, as well.

JPAS is the system that DoD security personnel (primarily FSO’s) use daily for many actions. Functionality includes verifying clearance eligibility, requesting initial and periodic investigations via eQIP, documenting granting access and debriefing employees, submitting incident reports regarding issues that could affect an individual’s eligibility, requesting eligibility upgrading or verification by the DoD Central Adjudication Facility (CAF), and documenting Non-Disclosure Agreement issuances, as well as in and out processing of employees.
When you are having an active TSC from an IC organization and you are trying to get a job with DOD , your Security officer will transfer your Security information from Scattered Castles to JPAS.
by Mozhgan Hudiburgh May 14, 2020
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