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She's funny. Sometimes she gets shy. She's smart. She is also very kind and beautiful but when someone aggravates her she gets mad but at the end everything turns out to be fine. She also has the best of friends always by her side.
Johana is perfect because she loves her friends,hates haters,smart,kind,funny,and sometimes shy
by Queen LOL January 07, 2017
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a tall girl who's funny, fun, sporty, and outgoing has a big ass and big boobs is very popular and very nice and is so so so fun to hang with
wow johana is so fucken funny
by bulletproof100 July 03, 2013
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A fine as girl who is down to earth,makes everyone laugh,is super sexy,also popular,always brakes up with her boyfriend's before they do it to her,has a big ass,is Hispanic/Latina,is wise and smart what else can I say this is definitly a Johana.
Damm that girl Johana is freacking fine as hell!
That girl Johana has a big ass!
Isn't that Mexican girl's name Johana fuck yeah that's Johana!
by Joore October 05, 2010
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A petty bitch who takes everything WAY too serious
John:my girlfriend is being a bitch.
Mike: what is she doing?
John:she's being petty about who her bestfriend dates.
Mike:ah, she's being a johana.
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Johana is the biggest hoe, she always has a new boyfriend. She's too confident so she always gets the guy she wants, only to use them. Always plays guys.
You see that girl over there, yeah thats johana !
by Jaydawg23 June 17, 2018
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An ugly ass bitch who acts like a hoe and texts every man even if she does not know him.
Johana is the synonym of Lizbeth
by dicky1278 June 16, 2018
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