A really underrated actor I think. NO ONE can go ballistic like this guy.
"....how 'bout you fuck your self tommy..."
"you gonna let him get away with that tommy"
by one eyed snake June 26, 2004
An actor with a career starting in 1961 with an uncredited appearance as a dancer in Hey Lets Twist (1961). Now 34 films under his belt including Raging Bull (1980), The Super & JFK (1991) and.. um, the Home Alone series. Not a bright moment I'd say. But, I guess he's the rich famous guy and I'm the one sitting here writing a definition of him, so who am I to say....?
by mike1979 May 19, 2005
To bring a girl to a car and immediately lower her head to one's penis for oral sex
1:05 of Casino
It'd be great to Joe Pesci a bitch and have her but gas in the car
by Retronius December 4, 2007
Someone starts on another person in the street or there is major grievance between two people the attacker or defender will make the case known that he is not amused.
Attacker: "look u want some?"
Defender: "ere, dont make me go joe pesci on ya"

Attacker and defender then ensue in an almighty bloody battle to the death on the streets.
by ntfx April 3, 2003
When you use your dick like a baseball bat, and smack a chick in the face with it while yelling, " Jew mudda fucka Jew mudda fucka."
That bitch is asking for a joe pesci.
by Sammy Bones August 28, 2006
When A girl Is talking and you don't care what she has to say. so you put her head in you're lap and shut her up with you're di*k. She doesn't fight it.
Betty is talking and jimmy could care less what she has to say. so little by little he moves her head to his cock and she knows what to do. He just pull a joe pesci
by Jimmy Early February 19, 2009