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Jake’s mom’s vagina. It’s a scary place where few dare to enter. Those who do rarely return. It is rumored that Stephen Hawking based his theories for black holes on JMV. Tolkien's Mordor is just one interpretation of this horrifying abyss.
Me: Hey, did you guys hear about Marcus?
Beuter: No what’s up?
Me: He got sucked into JMV.

I heard James Cameron is filming Avatar 7 inside JMV.
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by Fook_Ya_Mum February 17, 2019
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jmv is short of joi mae vea, which is khmer for fuck their mom. often used as an expression of surprise.
me: jmv i just stubbed my fuckin toe, bong.

brother: ur so yab.
by hmuwthathuricussy July 29, 2017
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