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A group of Dutch trolls best known for making lulzy and disgusting GIFs and shock images which usually fall into the hands of the cool kids, including Encyclopedia Dramatica, GNAA, moid, and basically anyone worth their salt. Most people think that "JJ.AM" are two peoples' initials; however, it is their domain name.
Send him the meatspin GIF from JJAM
by Rupuck May 06, 2008
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JJam is the most heavy person in the world at 10 tons. He is the conductor of The yellow sympathany. The only reason he is still alive is knoms (pronounced gnomes) who live inside him. He is at war with the symphonys
(excluding the yellow symphony) and rosalinas home. He lives under an atm and steals credit cards. He's best "friend" is biet siz who makes his cardboard clothes. The word is also the most horable insult in any language.
Guy 1: you're a real JJam

Police man: you're execution is tomorrow
by Erc the merc August 17, 2017
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