The most amazing person that you'll ever meet and the most handsome person ever. Women lose their mind when he smiles at them.

Synonym: Ladiesman, Handsome, Attractive, Alphamale
Daaaamn he is like JC Semblante hot af.
by NotJcOfcoure October 09, 2019
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When you ride dirty with your Christian friends! Also can be left spread eagle, naked, and chained to bed in a rundown motel, but it's only your first term in Congress!
Remember that time representative so and so pulled a dirty jc at the motel? They found him tied up naked with a plunger in his but? Yeah hard to forget!
by CircleCubed February 18, 2019
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A producer/DJ born in San Antonio Texas in 2001 specializing in EDM/dance music. Jacey Sherman has been in the industry since 2013 starting as a resident DJ for his middle school then founding DJC Music in 2019.
DJ JC's events are the bomb.
We are going to see DJ JC live in concert.
by Philip casiano April 24, 2020
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An ugly person by the name of ‘Jc’ also known as jay chand is soo ugly it’s unbelievable
Eerrr it’s that boy ugly Jc
by Chanderz November 02, 2020
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