A person containing the attributes of both a "Jack ass" and a "Dick wad". Having a inept attitude or ignorance.
Larry is such a JACK WAD for stealing my car.
by Scuba Steve October 30, 2003
Same as calling someone a jackass. But people won’t here the ass. So you get away with out the curse. Yet it’s worse than a jackass. Mostly because of the hidden inside joke. Very small amount of people know this meaning.
I can’t beliebe this jack wad took up two parking spots.
by OriginalKB March 17, 2018
The term Jack Wad is used to describe an uneducated, moronic, retard, with absolutaly no regard for any onther person. This term is mostly used to describe a law breaker or other low life drain on society.
O.J. Simpson is a huge Jack Wad and deserved life in prison.
by Bubbacop October 14, 2008