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A celebration that originated in Grenada, the Spice Isle where people cover there selves in paint and oil and dance to soca music on the streets. It is very commonly misinterpreted that J'ouvert started Trinidad but it did not. The participants of Jouvert are called Jab Jabs.
Ayy gyal yuh going to J'ouvert.
Of course, how yuh mean?
by Caribbean gyal_06 July 01, 2020
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j'ouvert is the party before carnival in Trinidad. It's the early morning "beginning" of the 3 day bachannal. J'ouvert is a french term meaning "day open." It is a fete where you cover yourself in mud/oil/anything and just party like there's no tomorrow.
Aye allyuh goin j'ouvert in de mornin? Steups, i done tired from de fete last night!
by mayaro guajiro November 05, 2006
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