An Island in the West Indies, home to the warmest and friendliest souls in the Caribbean. Also known as the Spice Isle for its large export of nutmeg over the past couple decades and most recently Pure Grenada for its natural untainted resources. This Tri-island state boasts of white sand beaches, volcanic crater lakes, hot springs and mangroves just to name a few.

Celebrities native to the island or of decent:
Kirani James ( Olympic 400m champion )
Louis Hamilton ( Formula One World Champion)
Maurice Bishop (Revolutionist)
Malcom X ( Mother was born in Grenada)

2nd wonder of the under water world for its Under Water Sculpture Park (Shout out to the scuba divers!!!)
Home of the JAB JAB ( if you love to "play a mass and whine and getton"

Grenada gained its independence through the efforts of native islanders who held repeated strikes and rallies that forced the crown to grant independence in 1974 almost a decade before the US invasion.
I'm from Grenada! Real Greenz gyal ! #473 to the world!
by Serendipitous Siwi February 3, 2016
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An island in the West Indies, once colonized by Britain, was invaded by America during a period of politics lead to Grenada's independence. Enuf with the formality, this place is fukin off the hook. With plenty of natural veggitation, clean air to breathe and some extremely cheap but still potent weed at every corner. Paradise couldn't come more blatantly :p
"Ey where yu from man?"
"Yo meh from Grenada,seen. Now lite up deh dutchy, Bossman"
by D-vS November 20, 2005
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medium size town in central MS located directly between Memphis and Jackson. Grenada is home to the state's largest man-made lake and is the states largest drug hub because of the central location to everything. all the rednecks either ride 4wheel drives on dirt roads or by the taco bell or state bank. all the niggas hang by double quick and the surrounding hole in the wall "clubs" or at City Hall if its friday night. almost everyone from Grenada smokes pot or snorts crack. the punk ass white kids that dont like the rednecks spend their nights either walking around walmart or building fires by "snake road". if you dont do any of this in Grenada then you just aint got friends. also all the cool mufuckas go to GHS and all the punk ass sissy white bitches that scared of the niggas go to kirk academy.
Dude Grenada is so much fun, this is our third lap around walmart!!!
nigga, you see dat hoe all up on my shit at city hall last night?
by ghsfootball10 April 6, 2011
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A term used in the Middle East referring to the english word grenade. Often is used in wartime for warning purposes to others in the group.
A middle-eastern soldier throwing a grenade and yelling the word "grenada" to indicate that the explosive is near and ready to explode.
by Danny Smithson October 27, 2010
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Grenada is the birth place of two incredibly retarded, anus dwelling ant hill fucker, kids
sean lets lick each other!OKay erik!
by 8yhb4rtfgvb9oik April 23, 2005
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Ford Grenada. The quintessence of FORD luxury cars.
Mommy, can we buy a Grenada to cruise around in?
by pitz November 10, 2004
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Old car made by Ford in the 1970's which is nothing more than a smaller Crown Vic. It's slower with an engine smaller than the Vic's by 600cc but it's still pretty good and it can still take a pretty good beating. Ideal for taxi use, police use, and demolition derby competition.
1. Ever since the cab company got Ford Grenadas, I don't feel like driving anymore!
2. Fuck! Grenada with flashing lights on my tail!
3. I was competing in the demolition derby and my Ford Grenada survived all the heats and won! it still runs!
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