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Izaiha, Is a kind and smart Person he doesn’t think he’s smart but he really is.. Izaiha is a guy with a golden heart he’s handsome and makes hella bitches stare mostly compatible with Kaitlin. Izaiha has a good personality and is very funny and makes everyone around him laugh he has a contagious smile.
Girl #1: Omg is that izaiha he’s super cute.
Girl #2: yes but he’s engaged to kaitlin
by smithbugga143 February 22, 2019
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Somebody with the humongous dick and and has all the bad bitches up on him
Dawson's girlfriend: I'm going to break up with Dawson because I want me some izaiha dick
Her friend: that fool is gay is fuck anyways
by Thekickwizard July 30, 2016
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