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A great boyfriend, knows how to treat his woman right and cares about people around him. Izaan is a cute, nice, and intelligent person who everyone should love.
I love how you’re such an Izaan
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An egotistical person, who justifiably believes he is above everyone else.
Mark: Why are you such an Izaan?
by AllIsNotInVain January 26, 2014
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Izaan is a female who thinks about others and is caring. Shes funny and yearns for a perfect guy. Shes a good friend and take responsibility for things. She is also very helpful.
Izaan is so nice!
by KaLeIgHpEtErS June 10, 2011
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Izaan is a huge NeRd but is also a cool guy . He’s kind, caring, fun, and very humorous. Although he may seem rude at times, he has good intentions. He can lighten up the mood at any moment and is easily liked by others. Izaan is also very intelligent, especially when it comes to memes and shows that he likes. If you have an Izaan in your life, keep him in it because he’s irreplaceable.
Person#1: “stop talking to Izaan”
Person#2: “I don’t want to. He makes me happy
by *Shushing Face Emoji* November 26, 2019
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