Someone so cool he has more subscribers than friends, he makes shit content but is a funny guy!
by ivelisworsethanpogbutisfunny December 4, 2020
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When a morbidly obese person wears Levi jeans it imprints the word Levi (from the button on the wearers fly) in reverse on their belly.
Yo! that bitch is so thick she be Ivel!
by Snatchinator February 5, 2010
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Named after the British brand of powdered milk 'St Ivel Five Pints'. This describes a lady who is so challenged in the beauty department a man needs to consume five pints of beer before finding her attractive enough to sleep with.
Bob was not very enamoured of the attractiveness of the ladies in the bar. However after a few pints he noticed one that was a Saint Ivel and busted a move on her.
by craftyscouser September 27, 2010
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It is a Filipino word derived from the English word "evil" but Ivel does not really mean being bad. It is a word of expression to someone who is very funny or cheeky. This is usually used by people to call their friends when they find them so playful or very naughty. People can say this as an expression to any situation that they find so funny.
"Hey, I pranked Sami last night."
by Alwayselms June 8, 2021
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