When someone says they have an itchy nose, it could be from allergies.

BUT if you mentioned a certain topic or person and they suddenly have an itchy nose, they only scratched it so their hand would cover their facial expression.

For example, if somebody blushes and they don’t want you to know, will they cover their face (which is clearly a way of saying “I don’t want you to see me), or will they suddenly have an “itchy nose” and be “forced” to cover their face? Think about it.
“I saw the way you look at each other, you are soulmates!!”
“.... ugh I have an itchy nose 🤭”
by KDDefinitions August 2, 2021
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When your nose starts to itch
I had an allergic reaction to something and it gave me an itchy nose.
by Braylani February 9, 2021
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Intense condition of relentless nasal disturbance, not soothed with any amount of scratching. Occurs most frequently during a competitive session of Smash Bros. with friends ( or enemies ). There is some speculation that this particular syndrome can result from a lack of proper hydration, and there is also a theory that it is because you may just need to take a shower to clear up your pores. Either way, this detrimental condition which causes massive drops in performance, continual sequences of miss-timing aerial dodging, wave dashing, and shielding, is often ignored for far too long usually leading to a complete mental breakdown of sheer frustration in the victim.
person 1: "Wow I'm a God. I just three stocked you with K. Rule"
person 2: "It didn't count. I have itchy nose syndrome right now"
by Chewonarock March 31, 2019
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when someone, (most commonly named jack) itches his nose a lot

this syndrome is often caused by gurgling vodka and stealing innocent girls' glow sticks : (
jack has an itchy nose syndrome!
by glowstickgirl November 11, 2009
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An itchy nose spiritually may mean that in a relationship wise one or the others spouse or partner my be sexual thinking about you/ sensual actions.
???: “I had an itchy nose last night”
??? “ oh well I did think of you”
by pains April 19, 2022
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An itchy nose relationship, is when two people are dating and are confident enough to itch their noses in front of each other.
Is it an itchy nose relationship??
We have an itchy nose relationship
by Thelahan May 17, 2018
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