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Sexual Position mentioned in the ABC show Dirty Sexy Money where the man lies on his back, facing up while the woman sits on top of him also facing up. She then raises her hips and arches her back to allow penetration as well as moving her hands behind her on the ground. In this position the woman does pretty much all the work. Also called the Italian Chandelier.
We did the Italian Banker last night - she was tired but I was ready to go again.
by Dan-O- October 22, 2007
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Fake sexual position mentioned on Dirty Sexy Money. Refers to the Italian Chandelier, also similar to the reverse cowgirl. The man is on the bottom facing up. The woman is above him, also facing up. The female does most of the work and can use her hands to remain above.
After a few minutes of the Italian Banker she was glad for attending all those spin classes.
by Jack Ryan October 14, 2007
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A sexual position where the man lies on his back facing up. The female lies on her partner facing up. She arches her back to allow penetration. While raising her hips, she puts her hands behind her, doing a crab like crawl to get the motion started. The woman does all the work in this position. This is also known as the Italian Chandelier.
She would have burned a lot more calories doing the Italian Banker if her partner would have lasted longer.
by Sonya C. October 27, 2007
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The sexual act of stuffing a woman's vagina with cooked spaghetti. There is also the reverse Italian banker where the spaghetti is removed from the "safe" and eaten.
After a romantic Italian dinner, Jason and Kate took the leftovers home and played Italian banker all night long.
by Bob Dobolina October 11, 2007
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Fucking Doggie Style with the penetrator standing on his feet, knees bent, not kneeling. Common in anal sex. Requires that the penetrator be more athletic. Also the Reverse Italian Banker is wnen then penetrator is facing opposite the doggie sytle, however this position requires the person being fucked to have their knees next to the ears while laying on their back.
She was asking for a special deposit, so I did the Italian Banker on her ass before before giving her a creampie.
by wantinwnc October 10, 2007
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A fine titty fuck with a rim job or tit dig and usually with anal completion.
Shit, she rim and titty you ass? You're one silky Italian Banker.
by Tony TBag October 10, 2007
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