The expression you say when the clock strikes midnight to wish your friends a hopeful start of their brand new day.
*Clock Strikes Midnight*
by Americairo January 16, 2019
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semi-sarcastic way to say nothing much is going on.
Boss: How come you only made 5 sales all day?
You: It was a slow news day, I guess

Jim: Yo, Sup?
Tim: fuck all
Jim: slow news day, I take it?
Tim: Fuck, yeah!
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada October 21, 2010
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A term I use. I often stay up much later than I should (At the time i'm writing this it is 6am and I have had no sleep since the night before.) I use it and am agreed with by other friends that stay up late.

Practically nocturnal, it means that people who stay up really late do so because they love staying awake through the night, thus saying for these people that night is the time when they do things most do in the day. It also mean that they may wish that everyone did what people normally do in day was done at night instead.
Jamie: Nobody is ever online at this time.
Tash: Yeah I know
Jamie: I hate going to sleep early in the night. I love the night, I wish I was nocturnal.
Tash: That'd be sooo cool!
Jamie: Yeah, Night is the new Day!
by AdmiralDonkey June 30, 2006
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when ur birth day iz on january 1st both ur birthday and the start of the new year
my friends micthie b-day is on january 1st and i wanted to say both happy new year and happy birthday to him so i just said happy new-day
by Danyelle monroe January 01, 2009
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A cooperative movement started by Stringer Bell and Proposition Joe in HBO's The Wire. The New Day Co-op is a loose coalition of drug dealers in Baltimore, MD, who share profits, protection, product, and turf. Stringer and Prop Joe realized that if the gangs stop killing each other over corners and drugs, there will be more money to go around for everyone with less bodies dropping, and thus less police attention.
The New Day Co-op gets the pure stuff from the Greek.
by Danno Chuchiak April 12, 2007
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A simple and minor issue that is blown way out of porportion by the media when there is nothing else to report. The public becomes deathly worried about something that is no more dangerous than the common flu.

ie. SARS, Bird Flu, Mad Cow, Killer Bees, etc.
Person A: "Did you hear about the SARS epidemic?"
Person B: "Epidemic? It's killed less people than the flu. Its nothing more than slow news day virus."
by UnquenchableFire October 08, 2006
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The day that people realize that all the drinking and partying they did the night prior to (as in New Year's Eve) was worthless, because, in reality, it means nothing. The day of New Year's Eve is exactly the same as New Year's Day. It is also often used for people living crap lives to say all the things they are going to do "this new year", none of which they really will do, that end up being almost identical to last year's.
The only true difference between New Year's Day and the day of New Year's Eve, is that when writing the date, you must change one, or more (depending on what year it changed to) digits in the year category. When in school this becomes a nuisance when teachers deduct points due to writing the wrong date.
Before New Year's Day: "Dude I can't wait for New Year's, but for now, let's just get shit-faced!"

On New Year's Day: "Today is just like yesterday, except it's four degrees colder, and my head hurts like a bitch."
by Stevo-K December 31, 2008
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