1. Humble resignation to the circumstances of a situation that are beyond your control.

2. Euphemism for having little regard for outcome of a situation that will have a negative effect on those around you.
Example 1. It is a shame that Jimmie has left, but it is what it is.

Example 2. It's unfortunate you had to work late last night, but you know, it is what it is.
by rsdsgnist March 03, 2010
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What incredibly vapid, stupid and unoriginal people say when they cannot construct a proper thought, retort or sentence.
If you were to ask a nitwit why he left work early, the response would go something like this. I don't know, I mean, I just felt ...I left early. It is what it is.

Or, when you catch a person in a lie, scheme or have proven them wrong in any way, It is what it is is sure to leak from their gaping mouth.

Or, to be dismissive. You promised me a dollar raise a month ago and it hasn't appeared in my check yet.

Well, it is what it is
by Jason JD August 15, 2007
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A completely useless phrase that is a tautology, or something that is true in every possible interpretation. A permanently self-proving and recursive phrase, there is never a time when it isn't what it is, because if there is, it wouldn't be itself, a condition which can never be true, or happen.

Otherwise, it's a meaningless statement meant to convey helplessness, uselessness, pointlessness, or that something may not have the really great features of its counterparts, but will do the job.

In all cases where one might wish to say "it is what it is", one should always instead simply state what the phrase is intended to mean.
Dud: "I mean, the car doesn't have an engine, wheels, frame, steering wheel, doors, body panels, window glass, electrical system, transmission, but for eleventy hundred bucks, it is what it is."

Bud: "Well of course it is what it is. Is there ever a time when it isn't what it is?"

Dud: "You know what I meant!"

Bud: " Then you should have just said what you meant instead."
by Entropy Itself November 03, 2017
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Often used by people on Love island when describing how they feel about something,
Anton: “How you feeling man”
Michael: “It is what it is, you know what a mean”
by Rocco mc July 11, 2019
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A phrase commonly used in the TV series: Love Island 2019.

Meaning: I can’t control anything about the situation, so fuck it.
Tommy: At the end of the day I can’t control what she does.
Curtis: It is what it is.
by Zingo Lingo June 12, 2019
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A way of demonstrating apathy; an unwillingness to evoke change; a way of saying "It's not of interest to me."
Teacher: I just found out that OSHA regulations do not cover public employees in Florida. I was injured due to school construction and now have permanent hearing loss.

Friends: Oh well...It is what it is.
by warrior against apathy January 27, 2010
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