Slang / Short for “Is not a”.

Created by Meg on December 8, 2021
proprioception isna good word!
by SickSlang December 8, 2021
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she is a pretty cool person you definitely want her on your good side or else she will give you the head bump and you don't want that she will always make you laugh or giggle at least and is honestly very pretty you dont wanna lose her trust or friend ship but over all is very cool.
guy 1: look at her

guy 2: damn bro you know her name?

guy 1: no but she is defiantly a isna. bet money

guy 2: so if her name is isna i owe you a chocolate milk huh

guys 1: and if its not i owe you a chocolate milk

guy 1: bet

guy 2: bet

guy 1 and guy 2 shake hands
by itsmeyouroneandonly:) January 3, 2022
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ISNA kids—a sect of extremely social indo-pak Muslims that usually use their perceived interest in Islam as a means to get married/laid. The term ISNA kid is coined from the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which is an organization that among many things hosts conventions where many of these people gather to socialize.

They like being active in the masjid whilst also having interests in clubbing, partying, and gossiping to compensate for their vanilla, cookie-cutter upbringings. Most of the time, they’re usually just teases and confused about who they really are outside of the community since that’s all they’ve ever known.

Due to their moral indecisiveness, borderline hypocritical behavior, and lack of individualism, another popular term for an ISNA kid is a “flimsy.”
“Who was that kid that just adjusted me while I was in the middle of prayer?”

“Oh, that was just an ISNA kid.”

“Yo, why is that guy acting so different in front of the girl?”

Oh no bro, that’s just an ISNA kid peacocking ritual.”

“Dude, why are they all hating on her for having a boyfriend when they all do? They don’t even know her.”

“They're just ISNA kids. If you’re Muslim, they know you.”
by Mr. Realness April 29, 2020
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Slang for “Its not a.”. Created by Meg on Raptors Discord on December 8, 2021.
proprioception isna good word!
by SickSlang December 8, 2021
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