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When someone is running their mouth and talking bare shit about anything and anyone.

Pronounced EE-SHE
Yo, why you talkin bare ishi?
by kmxo May 10, 2019
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a very beautiful talented and gorgeous girl. she is very kind, funny, smart, really cute, perfect and good at everything .Ishi is the type to be very adventurous, always trying many new things and is very social. Ishi may be a quiet or shy at first but the more you know and talk to an ishi the more she shows her real personality . Ishi is very popular that many guys fall in love with her even thought she thinks she is just a normal girl. Ishi has very beautiful eyes and is just a very perfect beautiful person.
guy: β€œomg did you see that gorgeous girl her name is ishi”

guy2:” yes!, ive heard if her, she just transferred schools and is getting all of the boys”

guy1:”hey look its her ! lets go say hi

guy2:”ok lets go!”
by ishiiiiiiiiiiiiii September 10, 2019
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A loved, shy girl that is sexy and gets hit on often, she thinks she doesn't get noticed and that she is invisible and that she is ugly and fat even though she is very pretty and smart and every guy chases after her.
Damn that ishi girl is damn right sexy

She called herself ugly she gets more notice than anyone else
by sharkishfalisa September 18, 2016
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Is secretly in Love with his neighbour, usually stands on the driveway to get a glimpse his crush
Ishi dogs the boys again so he can stand on his driveway
by Heuebd June 10, 2019
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It means everything. It can be used to describe everything, mean, nasty, bitchy, nice, cool... whatever. It can also be a noun. If you don't know what something is, just say it's an ishi. it will work.
Katie is being such an ishi.
by lovealoo July 10, 2008
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