A way of calling out ones salty nature after expressing anger or jealousy over a recent event.
Chris: Dons' new car is super fresh.

Terell: It ain't even that sweet it would look alot better if it was red. He still a bitch anyway..

Chris: ... you mad?
by Chrispy614 April 13, 2011
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Phrase or exclamation used to express the anger felt by a second party.

Variations include: You mod!, Shoosh mad!, Joo mad!, You angry!
1: Shit, man, somebody drugged me and stole my kidney last night.
2: You mad!
by tfxcore February 9, 2008
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your response when you feel that someone is jelly of you
-amy comes in and steals it-
by Cyn.So April 6, 2011
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This used to be a way of calling someone out for being unnecessarily angry but now it's just used for when people are being roasted to the core and they have nothing else to say.
Person 1: White people invented slavery.

Person 2: Humans invented slavery and it's unknown to which race has enslaved who first, nor does it matter.

Person 1: You mad?

Person 2: No, I'm just correcting your mistake.

Person 1: Yeah, you mad  ̄︶ ̄
by Try Not To Cry January 30, 2021
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making fun of an urban dictionary administrator that is deploying bits and pieces of this fine app, haphazardly, as if the other nerds won't notice and consequently getting made fun of.
I'm making fun of you. Are you mad? are you mad? are you mad? are you?

yes ;)
by Shoe in May 11, 2013
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