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The pairing between a magician neurosurgeon wizard Dr. Strange and a billionaire who’s Iron Man. The pairing comes from the movie Infinity War, and if you watch it to the point you see the sexual tension you’ll realize it’s just a rom com about two straight guys trying to not fall in love with each other by technically just making fun of one another. There’s fan arts about the two, fan fictions, heck, even cosplays! But the most important thing to learn about Ironstrange is that it blows the Stony shippers away, seriously.
Man, ever since Infinity War came out, I really started shipping ironstrange over stony. They have little in common but both are hotttttttt.
by therandommarvelfangirl June 29, 2018
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the pairing of tony stark and stephen strange. only shipped by annoying tony stans and people who think benadryl cumbersnatch is hot aka me
“ironstrange was at its peak in infinity war” “that was the only movie where they interacted”
by christmasbatgirl June 06, 2018
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