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The Irish fire drill is an alternate performance of the Chinese fire drill, in which one member of the traveling party exits the vehicle (while stopped at a light or in traffic), urinates, and then returns to the vehicle.
Connor: Come on guys, I really have to pee.
Sully: We're already late, just perform an Irish fire drill.
Connor: *leaves car, urinates on road shoulder, returns to car*
by TheSpaceman August 15, 2010
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Pulling a fire alarm in a crowded bar for no apparent reason.
When we were hanging out at O'Brian's the other night and Ryan McMurphy was just standing there, quietly drinking his Guinness, I should have known he was about to pull an Irish Fire Drill.
by Isosceles June 11, 2013
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Similar to a chinese fire drill. However, instead of waiting to get to a stoplight, participants exit the car while it is still moving. Can be performed with multiple cars and also with multiple cars where only the drivers switch. This manuever is usually preceded by several pints of guinness.
Alex: ......a chinese fire drill? Does it involve fireworks?

Ben: I said irish fire drill you retard. Its a cocktail with 2 parts beer and three parts stupidity.
by spider_nugget December 11, 2009
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Similar to a Chinese Firedrill, but the participants run around the outside of a pub when the drill is called. The participants must then finish the remainder of their drinks once a lap is completed. Bonus points for stealing homeless people's belongings and not vomiting.
Dude, I've been working out and running a lot lately. I'm training for O'Connell's Irish Fire Drill.
by krazykaptain September 08, 2014
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